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    The Green Step is a network of educators offering workshops, podcasts, meditations and talks that are designed to help our communities become more resilient in the face of the current climate and biodiversity crisis. We aim to create a prosperous and sustainable for all. We are co-creating and hopefully striving for a just transition where no being is left behind. Our current focus is on land use practices, ancestral healing and building a community to support one another. You can join our uplifting online network and live discussions here: The Green Step FB Community


    The Green Step team are collaborating to create spaces rooted in storytelling, active listening and ancestral practices to help us find a balanced way of living within the Earths systems. As we heal ourselves and become more calm, clear, grounded and resilient we can take inspired and empowered action to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. When we heal, our communities and the earth heals alongside us.


    Check out our current projects and offerings below. It would be an honor to work with and support you in this time of great change.

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    Greetings friends!  My name is Eve Telford. I am a folk singer and world music wanderer. Here I will be sharing posts from my blog Folk of the Earth, a site dedicated to my musical discoveries in the worlds-within-worlds of world folk music.  I will be sharing my favourite songs from all over...
    The Green Step Community The Green Step Community is a not-for-profit group of peoplewho have come together for their love of life on earth. Together we have beeninquiring into the 21st century realities of farming, land use andfood production in Ireland. Over the course of 10 podcasts and 1...
    April 23, 2021
    Tales from the Land Tales from the land a living community research project where we at the Green Step are inquiring into the 21st century realities of food production, framing and living well with the land here in Ireland.  In our podcasts and two online events we’ll use the art forms of...
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    We use this space to co-create and collaborate together. You can too!

    Melanie O'Driscoll

    Founder & Facilitator

    Mel is our project coordinator and a facilitator. She uses her background in Zoology and Buddhism to create spaces and setting that honor people and our planet. Mel uses the gift of ceremony to help people and the earth heal and build resilience in the face of the climate and biodiversity crises.

    You can work with Mel 1-1. To learn more visit her website.

    John Armstrong

    Ecologist & Educator

    John is an educator and ecologist. He is a passionate ambassador for our Irish waterways and was a 2020 Youth Ambassador for the Atlantic. He has worked closely with Cork Nature Network and works to reconnect people to the land.

    Emmet Griffin

    Community Weaver

    Emmet has a wide variety of community and social care experience both professional and voluntary with a BA in Social Care & MA in International Peace Studies. Through a variety of holistic healing modalities he has learned and developed ways to enhance his own health and well-being and offers his presence, knowledge and wisdom to others to enhance their own lives.

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