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Meet Eve Telford Our Earth Singer

Greetings friends! 

My name is Eve Telford. I am a folk singer and world music wanderer. Here I will be sharing posts from my blog Folk of the Earth, a site dedicated to my musical discoveries in the worlds-within-worlds of world folk music. 

I will be sharing my favourite songs from all over the world, to celebrate and help preserve a multiplicity of folk cultures whose music is, in many cases, like our Mother Earth herself, endangered. 

Here you will find the rare, the enchanted, and the visionary, and above all, the authentic presentation of traditions. I'm not a professional ethnomusicologist, and I do not  masquerade as one, but I hope you will enjoy these offerings, which glitter like diamonds in our folk consciousness, reminding us of other realities beyond the pervasive monoculture of so-called 'progress'. 

You will find Kanak songs from New Caledonia, rebel songs from Eritrea, polyphony from Sardinia, lullabies from the Guna tribe of Panama, devotional songs of the Meitei people of Manipur, India and much musch more. 

My artistic inspirations include the ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, the painter-composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, the painter Remedios Varo, the poet Denise Levertov and the singer Zaïnaba Ahmed.

A toxic mingling of colonialism and climate collapse is threatening to silence these magnificent and ancient traditions. Now is the time to open your inner ear, listen, and pass the magic on.

Eve xx

Here is just a flavour of Eve's beautiful magic and you can find more of her music here on YouTube.

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