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Navigating the Emotions of Climate Chaos Together - EcoGrief & Visioning Workshop

This blog tells you about the Green Step EcoGrief Support and Visioning Workshop facilitated by Melanie

If you feel overwhelmed by the climate and biodiversity crisis, you're in the right place! Here's a quick overview of what this healing space can offer you.

What is EcoGrief?

Ecological grief or EcoGrief is the sense of mourning felt in response to anticipated or experienced ecological loss. This is most acutely felt by black, brown and indigenous peoples who are often on the front lines of climate change. However, as we are all living through this crisis, we are all susceptible to experiencing EcoGrief. I use the term ‘Eco-Grief’ for the emotional intensity triggered by climate change because the all-encompassing nature of grief. The wild landscape of grief includes rage, confusion, disconnection, numbness, sadness, despair, hope, love, loss, fear, anxiety and many more complex emotions.

What is the intention of the workshop?

The EcoGrief workshop supports you in navigating the intense emotional realm of climate chaos in a safe, nurturing space of like minded folks. The intention of this space if to offer you tools to navigate this inner landscape with greater ease and help support you on your healing journey. As James Hillman says "We cannot be cured apart from the planet, we are the earth." As we heal and honor our pain in this space we bring more peace, love and calmness to the earth by beginning with our own hearts and experience.

In this space we focus on what we feel when we consider the world as it is now. We listen to each other and use power of visualization to move and release the intense emotions that may arise. We then consider the future we wish to see. By the end, people who attend say they feel lighter, more hopeful and connected to one another.

What techniques are used?

Active listening

Guided Meditation

Color and Sound Healing

Who is it for?

Anyone who feels called to this space is welcome. It is an intergenerational space where folks of all genders, denominations, cultures and backgrounds are welcome. Each workshop is as unique as the people who attend.

In general environmental activists and people suffering from climate anxiety and other stresses usually make their way to this space.

Where is this workshop held?

Currently during the covid19 pandemic all workshops are being facilitated online via zoom. When in person workshops can resume this workshop will be facilitated in person again around Ireland, as well as online.

EcoGrief workshop facilitated in person in early 2020

How much are sessions?

The standard exchange for a 2.5hr person session is valued at €25/person or €250 for groups and organizations.

However, it is our sincere wish for this work to be accessible to people of all socio-economic backgrounds. Currently in the online format this work is being offered on a donation basis. Please reach out if you wish to discuss the options available to you.

Who is the Facilitator?

Melanie O'Driscoll is a ceremonialist, facilitator and healer. She graduated with a BCs degree in Zoology from UCC in 2016. During her studies she was confronted with her own intense emotional response to the climate and biodiversity crisis. As a result she struggled with anxiety and activist burn out. She was compelled to spend the following years unpacking these feelings and navigating her recovery from acute EcoGrief. She uses her training as a celebrant and person healing experiences to create spaces grounded in a sense of ceremony which can allow people to feel safe, seen and supported in their pain. These spaces also act as incubators for our dreams and encourage individuals to take action toward the sustainable future we are co-creating together. She has a daily Nichiren Buddhist practice which guides her work, two hilarious dogs to keep her grounded and is currently training as an Interfaith minister and spiritual councilor.

When are these workshops on?

There is currently no date set for the next public circle. Please click below and share your email if you wish to be informed about upcoming workshops and events. We promise to always respect your privacy and never spam you.

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