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Tales from the Land

A living research inquiry into how can listen to the wisdom of the land and transform our Irish agri-food system.

Tales from the Land

Tales from the land a living community research project where we at the Green Step are inquiring into the 21st century realities of food production, framing and living well with the land here in Ireland. 

In our podcasts and two online events we’ll use the art forms of conversation and storytelling to listen, learn and create new understandings of one another and the multitude of approaches being used to engage with the complexities of the Climate and biodiversity crises.

Will You Join Us?

This is a participatory process and our listeners and attendees are as much a part of the process as the guests and hosts. We are all learning to listen with greater depth and use the power of story telling and irish folklore to weave our visions for a sustainable, just and prosperous future together. Over the next 10 weeks we’d love to hear from you about your tales from the land and what you think we need to do to have a fairer food and agricultural system for all who are connected to and benefit from it. Please send your ideas to and we’ll include what emerges as we engage with the Public Consultation on the Environmental Assessment of the Draft Agri-Food Strategy to 2030 and the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027.

Tapping into our Ancestral Wisdom

Our ancestral practices of tending to the land are rooted in our Irish culture, heritage, and language. How can we weave these ancient wisdoms together with modern solutions for sustainability? We’ll meet with you as well as other climate activists, farmers, food growers, education promoters, teachers, seanachaís, community workers, healers, foragers, business owners and more to explore this question and hear of the struggles, successes and visions for sustainable land use and food production in Ireland.

Points of Interest to Explore Together

  • What systems underpin our 21st century lives – economic, social, and cultural? What elements in these systems need to continue to grow with us and what out dated beliefs need to be left behind and put on the compost heap?  
  • How are our diverse agricultural systems affecting our biodiversity? What farmers, activists, businesses and others are doing to deal with the challenges and make a positive difference?
  • How can the wisdom of our ancestors and cultural heritage support farming and food production in Ireland?
  • How can we engage with policy to really make a difference and have fun along the way?

Our Live Events and Funders!

On Fridays May 28th and June 4th from 7-9pm we will facilitate community discussion groups where you can join us live to share your views, ideas and tales from the land. These online workshops have been funded by the ESAI and EPA Grassroots Award Scheme and we are very grateful! You can book your free place at one of the events here on Eventbrite.

Thank you to EIL Ireland for the seed funding for this website. Together we will listen and learn from the Tales of the land and see where the journey takes us. It would be a joy to have you with us!


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