• Tales from the Land

    10 podcasts - 2 live events - policy proposal

  • Tales From The Land
    a participatory research inquiry into land use and food systems in Ireland




    10 Episodes launched weekly to discuss land use in Ireland. Our diverse community shares their struggles, hopes and dreams using the arts of conversation and storytelling. You can send your ideas to thegreenstep3@gmail.com


    Online Events


    Two online community events offer you a space to come and share your own Tales from the Land. We'll meet from 7 - 9 pm on Friday May 28th and June 4th via zoom. Free to attend, book your seat here. Facilitation fees graciously funded by the EPA & ESAI Grassroots Support Scheme.


    Policy Proposals

    The Green Step team will capture what emerges and include it in the public consultations process for the Environmental Assessment of the Draft Agri-Food Strategy to 2030 and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2023-2027.

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  • Read our Agri-Food Policy Submission Here!

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  • Here's how we began in April 2021

    Thank you for sharing your Tales from the Land

    Tales from the Land is a participatory research inquiry

    we have engaged with the agri-food policy consultations and will also bring our discoveries to the CAP consultations later this year.
    You can read our environmental agri-food policy submission above.

    How can we live in right relationship with the earth and her cycles?

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